Our Basenjis


N UCH Kingwanas Fairy Of Tails
Sire: Am Dk S Ch Meisterhaus Tail Of Intrigue
Dam:Bulldobas Be My Valentine
Color:red / white
Owner:Liv Irene Nyfl√łt & Lisbeth Engevold
Clear for fanconi.
HD: A/ Excellent
Eyes: minor PPM
Thyroid: Normal, Tgaa neg.

Tara is a very special girl to us. She is our homebred girl, coming from a litter of 5 where 3 are Champions so far. These 3 (Tara included) all made the championtitle in their first possible attempt. The 4th sibling has also been very succsessful at shows, gaining several ck's and even a 4th best bitch placement and prize for best movement at the Norwegian Basenji Speciality 2012. The last sibling has not been showed but is a beloved family pet :-)
Tara (and her entire litter) is a super easy girl, who anyone can handle. She loves to cuddle, and just takes life easy, yet she is super alert when out walking.
She lives with and is co-owned by Lisbeth who lives in our neighbourhood, with two kids.
Our own kids also love Tara- and she loves them. I can not praise here trusting and outgoing temperment highly enough.
In the show-ring she is among the top winning basenjis in Norway, and has also been placed in the group on several occations.
She has got a lovely gait from all angles, and trots very clean coming and going, and has got a gorgeous side-gait. She has got a beautiful outline, bonestructure and angulations, but personally I would wish her ears were higher set, and if I am to be very picky- a bit better neck-crest.

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Date Jugde / Place Result
26.08.2012 Drammen / Antonio De Lorenzo Excellent 1, ck, 1 btk, BIM
26.08.2012 Ljungskile (Sverige) Joanne Sewell Excellent 1, ck, 2 btk, res. cert
25.08.2012 Drammen /Marianne Holmli Excellent 1, ck, 1 btk, BIM
19.08.2012 NKK Bjerke Excellent 4
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Am S DK CH Meisterhaus Tail Of Intrigue
HD = B (Good),minor PPM Fanconi clear. Thyroid: Normal

Am, JKC, Int, Ch Jasiri-Sukari White Collar Crime, JC
HD = B (good), PPM on eyes Thyroid: Normal. Fanconi: probobly carrier.

Am/Aust Ch Jasiri-Sukari HR Pup N'Stuff
HD = 1:3 (Excellent), All clear on eyes Fanconi clear. Thyroid: Normal

Am Ch Sukari-Jasiri Soda Pup
All clear on eyes. HD = B (good) Thyroid: Normal. Fanconi: Probobly carrier.

Am Ch Undercover Bojak's Caitlan, BBHR
HD = B (Good), All clear on eyes Striptested clear. Thyroid: Normal

Bojak's Undercover Kojak
HD = B (Good), All clear on eyes Fanconi: Proboblyy carrier. 14 years old.

Am Ch Bojak Abbai Kosa Mjinga

Bulldobas Be My Valentine
Probobly carrier of Fanconi syndrome. HD: A (Excellent) Eyes: All clear (sept. 2009) Thyroid: Normal levels (sept. 2009) Tgaa negativ (Sept 2009)

Int Fin Rus S N CH Bulldobas No Regrets
HD = B (Good), All clear on eyes Fanconi carrier. Thyroid: Normal

Woodella Front Page News
HD = A (excellent), Eyes: All clear. Thyroid: Normal. Probobly carrier of fanconi.

Fin CH Bulldobas Kito Kibibi
HD = A (excellent), Eyes: minor PPM. Thyroid: Normal. Fanconi: probobly clear

BIS Fin CH Afrikenji Kisaria
HD = A (excellent), All clear on eyes. Fanconi clear. Thyroid: Normal.

Aust CH Makuba Maaya Mindani
Eyes: All clear. Thyroid: Normal.

Aust CH Afrikenji Desert Sunrise HD = A (excellent), Eyes: minor PPM. Thyroid: Normal. Fanconi: probobly clear