I have not been able to update here lately, but those of you who follow us on FB should be up-to-date nevertheless.
Hihglights of the last month:

Sindre (8) handled Jubel to BOB out of 10 basenjis at NKK INT show in BØ:

Kingwanas was also BOB breedersgroup, Jippi was 2nd best bitch, and Zita 3rd best bitch with her big CAC at the same show. 3 generations of Kingwanas in top!

In NMHK´s show in Letohallen in early march, young Kira, Kingwanas Never Kiss A Frog- who has been sparecly shown were BOB both days. Now only lacking her big CAC for her champion title.
Sindre also did a great job handling Jubel to 2nd best bitch both days