I have always been a "horse girl" along side with my interest for dogs and animals in general.I have owned my own pony, and 3 different horses throughout the years.
I competed on a national level in show jumping for over a decade.
I achieved quite nice results in show jumping competitions up to 130 -135 cm classes.
I competed in the "1st division" with several different show jumping clubs. I have won - and been placed as a medalist in regional championships and cups numerous times.

I have also worked as a show jumping teatcher, and worked on Norways biggest show jumping events, such as Norway Grand Prix and Oslo Horse Show. I was even an approved show jumping judge (I still am, but I do not practise any more as I find no time).
Currently, I do not own a horse, as I have prioritized my family and doggies, but it is certainly something I miss, and I do hope it will be a part of my life again sometime in the future.
The doggies were always joining me to the stable, and would run freely alongside me and my horse on long trips in the forrest. My first Basenji, Shira, was even a very good rider, and would jump up on a horse-back on command to take a little ride. She was the mascot of the stable, and I do not think anyone who got to know her will ever forget that beautiful, funny, determent, riding Basenji.

Here are a few newspaper articles about me / my horses (only in Norwegian):
Ledet showet på og utenfor banen
Juleshow på 4 ben
Video of myself & Chance in a show jumping competition
Myself & Mr. Chance Dance "Chance" on a christmas show I hosted for ØFG in 2005. My brother in law Phillip is singing in the background.
Beautiful Chance is a Holsteiner Gelding after Caletto / Calypso.
[i]We have just won the 125 (MB) comp. at Søndre Nordstrand RK, and tries to Piaff a bit before the lap of honor.
The Ekeberg Team achieved the Bronze medal in the regional championship (kretsmesterskap) and the horses take a bow for the photographer.
Halfway through a tripple combination.
Myself & Mr. Chance Dance on the briefing parade before a championship show
Beautiful Mr. Chance Dance
Myself and Alpson in action.
"Walking the course" along with Echo.
Alpson, my second horse.
Alpson was a Swedish horse after Alpenfûrst.
My first pony, the lovely Haflinger "Amigo".
Shira was a comfortable and quite experienced rider
Shira and Stormur, an icelandic horse.