Norwegian Basenji Speciality 2011

Bogstad, Oslo, 11-12.06. 2011, judge Glen Dymock, GB. Pics are mostly by me, but some are also taken by Sissel Heier, Terrie Miller, Linda Øvreeide & Sissel Kvebek. The pics are marked after photographer. I do not have pictures of all the classes and/ or dogs at the show as I had a lot to do with kids, my own dogs and handling. You are welcome to "steal" photos as long as you credit the photographer. I will also send originals if wanted.

I have also made a video of the puppy BEST IN SHOW.
It can be seen here.
If you don't have mediaplayer, the film is also available on Youtube

Saturday 11.06, The specialityshow, adults:
We had a few awful days with heavy rain. Someone seemed quite happy anyways, in the early morning before the show.
Dag &Kurt had a brilliant solution to the rain issue- they went out to buy supplies and BUILT an outdoor roof on top of the ring to keep us dry! It truly saved the day!
The show started on saturday, and our judge was Mr. Glen Dymock. Here he is taking an overlook of his first class of the day, junior males. He was a very pleasant judge to show for, and I so agree with the critiques he wrote- both the positive and negative parts.
The first junior on the table, Bushongo Castor, a son of our Echo. This was his first time at a show, and he got excellent 3.
Matabichi Fahari Zola got excellent 2 in the jr class.
The winner of the juniorclass, Bushongo Cosmo (Son of our Echo). None of the juniors got Ck's. (The Ck -or certificate quality) is the ticket you need to compete for best male.
The next class was intermediate males. This is Kingwanas Flirting Figaro on the table getting examined.
Matabichi Free Jewel In Stripe won the intermediateclass with excellent, and was finally 2nd best male.
Kingwanas Flirting Figaro, handled by Vibeke, came 2nd in Intermediateclass with Excellent and ck, and was finally 3rd best male!
Doberguard's Coconut Clown got Excellent 3.
Our writer, Linda Øvreeide, with the judges aunt Barbara who came to watch.
Ida & Zahir watching ringside.
Elin and (?)

Unfortunately, I don't have any photos from open or championclass for males. If you have some, feel free to email them to me.
Lineup for best male, final 4.
4th best male, Shahrans Phantom Of The Opera (He came 1st in open class with ck)
Kingwanas Flirting Figaro 3rd best male (2nd in intermediate with ck)
Matabichi Free Jewel In Stripe 2nd best male (1st in intermediate with ck)
Best male, and the winner of the champion class and a new Norwegian champion- Zahleka Emile Emilion.
Next up were the junior females. This is the winner of the class with excellent and ck, Matabichi Faizah Copperflame.
Amanita Rubescens Tami's Tamtamy got Excellent and 2nd in juniorclass.
Lineup for intermediate females. Kingwanas Foxy Femme Fatale in front (she was 2nd in the class with ck), followed by Bushongo Chara Alula (who got excellent but not placed among the top 4) and Matabichi Fila Nganga who won the class and was finally 3rd best female.
Kingwanas Foxy Femme Fatale doing her pose in the ring.
Kingwanas Foxy Femme Fatale "Roxy" and Annika. They came 2nd in intermediateclass with ck.[/img<br />
Annika & Roxy<br />
<br />
Ingrid & Kingwanas Glory Of The Spotlight "Krona" came 4th in intermediateclass with ck.
Bushingo Chara Alula with her breeder and handler Henriette.
Helen Veless (Afrikenji Basenjis) handled our sweet "Tara" (Kingwanas Fairy Of Tails) she gets a "Good Luck kiss" from Tara before the open class starts. Tara (and the rest of our F litter) is Helens "grandchild" as Taras mothers mother is BIS Ch Afrikenji Kisaria.
Helen with Tara on the table
Tara gaiting
They came 2nd in Openclass with Ck.
Joshi, here handled by Kristin won the open class with Ck.
Lineup in the championclass for females.
I handled "Mille" SBOS Ch Kingwanas Entertaining Story in the championclass she got Excellent but wasn't placed. She is also sired by BISS BIS Aus Gr Ch Afrikenji Hot Sumaknight.
Ch Doberguards Maya Mayapiece, superbly handled by Helen won the championclass with CK, and was finally best bitch and Best In Show!
"Maya" and Helen with the judge Glen Dymock.
 S Ch Karimbas Molly Moon was 2nd best bitch, got the CC and was a New Norwegian champion!
3rd best bitch was Matabichi Fila Nganga True
Due to HEAVY rain, they had to have a "rain break" to try to make the water go off from the "cieling".
At least someone found the rain to be amusing.
Best In Show veteran Ch Vicitas Fancy Face. BOS veteran Ch Singing In The Rain Out Of Africa (appropriate name for the occation)
Even though the heavy rains continued, the show had to go on, and the BEST IN SHOW winner was Ch Doberguard's Maya Masterpiece.
BOS and a New Norwegian &Nordic Champion was Zahleka Emile Emilion. Huge congrats to all involved. Sorry about the quality of the photo- can I blame the rain?
Mayas handler Helen gets a thankyou-hug from Mayas owner and breeder, Jeanette Strand of Doberguard basenjis.
Kingwanas breedersgroup, consisting of Kingwanas GLory Of The Spotlight, Kingwanas Fairy Of Tails, Kingwanas Foxy Femme Fatale &Kingwanas Flirting Figaro. In the regular classes, they all got excellent and ck's. We got an excellent critique, and was 2nd with honour prize.
The Matabichi breedersgroup was Best In Show breedersgroup with Hp. In front Matabichi Faizah Copperflame, Matabichi Free Jewel In Stripe, Matabichi Fila Nganga True and Ch Matabichi Moya Nyota.

The social part on saturday evening:
We had a big BBQ and chatted. It was such a great social event. There were
speaches both from the judge and our ring secretary Kurt Espeland, and they both
praised our dogs, arrangement and the social aspect.
The kids had a great time too!
Linda &Magnus
Jeanette &Magnus
Sindre fell asleep while he was eating a muffin... What a nice way to fall asleep!
Magnus had a blast too!
What's there?
Happy Magnus

Sunday June 12th, Puppyclasses- and SUN!
Kingwanas Happy Hunter Of D'Guard &Kingwanas Handsome Kairo ready for the show!
Ashikis You Could Be Mine "Cane"  in puppyclass 4-6 months
Cane went 4th best in the 4-6 male class
Cane playing with his prize
Faraoland Kenzo Jungle Homme came 3rd in the class
Winner of the 4-6 months male class, King Khufu Cardhu. He was also 2nd best male puppy in the end.
Lill &Gacoki watching ringside
Joakim &Kingwanas Hopeful Knight Of D'Guard playing ringside before they enter.

6-9 month male class
Kingwanas Handsome Kairo Of D'Guard on the table. Handled by me.
Kingwanas Happy Hunter Of D'Guard on the table
Doberguard's Ramses Of The Nile came 4th in his (big) class
Haki gaiting
Doberguards Nile Of Chocolatte (in front) came 2nd in his class while Ngangas Clark Kent came 3rd
Kingwanas Happy Hunter Of D'Guard "Haki" won his class. He is handled by Helen Veless, the breeder of his sire Bis BISS Aus Gr Ch Afrikenji Hot Sumaknight
"Haki" also won the best male class over King Khufu Cardhu, the winner of the 4-6 month class.

Puppy bitches:
Moyomema Lara Croft To Ngangas was 4th in the 4-6month class.
[i]Zahleka Sparkling Saphira went 3rd in 4-6 month bitches
Myself with Kingwanas Hot Shadow Of D'Guard "Zia" on the table
She was entered in the 6-9 months class
Zia Won her class, and was finally 2nd best puppybitch!
Kingwanas Happy Hunter Of D'Guard was BEST IN SHOW! Moyomema Zelda Waridi won BOS.
BIS photo with the owners. Hakis owners Sissel Heier &Terrie Miller and "Zeldas" owner &breeder Jørn Holvik.
The paparazzi in action
Haki with his prizes
Hakis owner Sissel with some of the prizes
Sindre enjoying the show
Magnus with his "Mommo" found it amusing too.
Our boys playing ringside.
Doberguard's Magic Stuff Of Egypt came to watch

Awards and Thank you's!
Basenji Of The year awards were delivered.nBasenji Of The Year 2010 was Ch Doberguard's Maya Masterpiece, here handled by the breeder of her sire, Helen Veless. Mayas owner and breeder Jeanette Strand on the left. Basenji Male and Runner Up of 2010 was Chagmas Pirate King Black Pearl, handled by her owner and breeder Gro Udby. The prize was delivered by our clubs chairman for 10 years, Dag Christer Lie.[/i]
A thank you was handed out to the extraordinary judge, his guest, ringpersonell and arrangers- From left: Glen Dymocks aunt Barbara. Our writer Linda Øvreeide, our chairman Dag Christer Lie, our judge Mr. Glen Dymock, our clubs vice chairman Jeanette Strand and our ringsecretary for the past 10 (or is it 11?) years, Kurt Espeland.
A special thanks were handed out to the judge for a fabulous job.
...and to our writer Linda Øvreeide.
Kurt &Dag have been working very hard on arranging this show and got some extra credit too.
The judge was impressed by the quality of our blacks, and requested a photo of them.

Speciality classes:

Kingwanas Happy Hunter Of D'Guard won BEST HEAD.

[img]" alt="" width="509" height="676">
Kingwanas Happy Hunter Of D'Guard won BEST HEAD.

[img]" border="1" width="500px" />
The 4 best heads in show. From Left: 1st Kingwanas Happy Hunter Of D'Guard, 2nd Moyomema Super Mario, 3rd Matabichi Fahari Zola, 4th Moyomema Lara Croft To Ngangas 596">
Kingwanas Glory Of The Spotlight won BEST EYES
The 4 best placements in eyes. For names, please se below:

[img]" alt="" width="511" height="511">

[img]" border="1" width="500px" />
Kingwanas Handsome Kairo Of D'Guard 4th best eyes
Moyomema Super Mario 2nd best eyes[/i]
Best PAWS went to Moyomema Felicia Adowa
Best EARS went to Kingwanas Hopeful Knight Of D'Guard!
The 4 best placed in the best ears competition were ALL from Kingwana, and ALL sired by Afrikenjo Hot Sumaknight (2 different litters). !st: Kingwanas Hopeful Knight, 2nd: Kingwanas Happy Hunter, 3rd: SBOS N u Ch Kingwanas Entertaining Story 4th: Kingwanas Hot Shadow Of D'Guard
Best TAIL went to Kingwanas Foxy Femme Fatale
Best GAIT went to Kingwanas Happy Hunter Of D'Guard
3rd best gait went to Moyomema Felicia Adowa
The 4 best gaiters: 1st Kingwanas Happy Hunter Of D'Guard. 2nd Moyomema Zelda Waridi. 3rd Moyomema Felicia Adowa 4th Matabichi Fahari Zola.
Sindre &Mille (SBOS N u CH Kingwanas Entertaining Story) won the child and dog 0-10 years competition!
Thomas with Tara (Kingwanas Fairy Of Tails) won the child and dog 10-16 years competition!
Thomas and Tara winning the child &dog competition
(?) with Matabichi Faizah Copperflame came 2nd in the child and dog competitions.

Color classes:
Best tricolor, Bushongo Cor Leonis
Best tricolor was Bushongo Cor Leonis (a son of our Echo) 2nd was Joshi, 3rd was Faraoland Flower From Kenzo
Best black/white was Kingwanas Hot Shadow Of D'Guard!
The 4 best black/white coat/colours: 1st Kingwanas Hot Shadow Of D'Guard 2nd King Khufu Kardhu 3rd Kingwanas Hopeful Knight Of D'Guard 4th Kingwanas Happy Hunter Of D'Guard.
Best brindle was Senjisfinx Mariamne
The best brindles: 1st Senjisfinx Mariamne, 2nd
Dakarai Piece of Cake 3rd Matabichi Fahari Zola 4th: Doberguards Master Of Patch
The best red/whites: 1st: Kingwanas Handsome Kairo Of D'guard 2nd: DOberguards Master Of Almasi 3rd: Kingwanas Flirting Figaro 4th Mzalia Making Headlines.
Kingwanas Handsome Kairo Of D'Guard best red/white!

Just a last couple of photos to close it off:
Hakis brother Kingwanas Hopeful Knight Of D'Guard stacked by Helen.
Kingwanas Hot Shadow Of D'Guard
Sindre watching
Laughing in the grass
Stacking basenjis...
Kingwanas Foxy Femme Fatale "Roxy" watching
Helen with another of Sunnys offspring, Kingwanas Entertaining Story, Mille.
Helen with Kingwanas Happy Hunter Of D'Guard
Hakis owners Terrie & Sissel with his handler Helen in the middle.
Helen with the man of the day, Kingwanas Happy Hunter Of D'Guard.

Thank you ALL for a couple of amazing days, and thanks for browsing through my album.