SBS, Circuit and World Winner Show 2008

The Swedish Basenji Clubs Speciality Show, SSUK's Circuit show & The WORLD WINNER SHOW 2008

In connection with the WW-show, we also found time to visit both the Speciality & Circuit show. All in a weeks time in Sweden, and most of the time in lovely weather. We were quite a few Norwegians at these shows, and we all had a lovely time. It was also great
to meet so many dear Basenji friends from abroad again, and to get the apportunity to get to know new faces who share our passion for this lovely breed.
A special thanks must go out to all of our puppy byers who took the trip with us: Lars & Ellen came with Mille & Luna, Kari & Melvin Haugen came with June, and Anette Nilssen came with Loke to the WW show. We brought our boys Echo and Dennis. A thanks also goes out to Jeanett Strand for excellent handling assistence (as always). And also to Ellen, my usual photo assistant, who has taken some of these lovely photos. Thanks a bunch to all of you, it was such a nice trip, and you guys really made it what it was!
The Swedish World Speciality started in a very classy and nationalistic way with the Swedish National anthem, performed by two charming swedish girls.
In puppy- class, we showed our darling little Luna, who did very well indeed, with a wonderful critique, but she wasn't placed.
Some of the Norwegian present: (from left) Ellen, Lars, Baard Enger, Wenche Enger, Gro Udby, Dag Christer Lie, Erling Clausen, Kari Haugen & Melvin Haugen. On the grass: Jeanette Strand & Liv Irene Nyfløt.
Dennis (Kingwanas Dinari) is the first of ours to enter the adult ring in Open class males. It was a big class, and a long time to wait, so he thought he might just as well tae a rest.
It was a looong wait....
Some of the contenders in open class males
Open class males
We had to get to work, and Dennis gaited as beautiful as ever.
Stacking is easy as long as you have a treat....
Echo takes some time to chill out with his handler Jeanett
...until it is time to get to work...
Some of the contenders in junior class females. Mille in front and June in the back.
June gaiting. She was placed 3rd with 1 in quality.
June. She was also invited to compete for "Best head"
Mille won Junior class bitches with CK, and was also BIS junior. She was also invited to compete in "Best head".
The two good friend Luna & Mille chilling out between the classes.
This lovely and elegant bitch from America, Kazors Nyambi, won the bitch class, and was BOS.
Best bitch class. Mille in front.

In Sweden, the judge invites the dogs she thinks has the most beautiful heads to compete for "Best head". Out of the 80 + Basenjis entered, approximatly 15 Basenjis got the invitation. The judge picked out 4 of these for the "finals" and the two sisters Mille & June were among these 4. Mille once again won tis class (She did the same in Norway, at our speciality)
Mille winning "Best Head". Notice Milles proud "daddy" Lars in the background. :)
Head study
And what are these Norwegians doing now???

Speciality classes:
In the speciality classes, Mille was beautifully handled by co-owner and mummy Ellen.
Mille gaiting with mummy Ellen.
Luna watching ring side
Luna with co-owner and daddy Lars.
In the "color speciality", Luna was BOS red/ white puppy.
Dennis won his class, and was 3rd Best red/ white male with a stunning critique.

Mille won her class again, and ended up as second best black/ white female also with a wonderful critique.
Sweet Mille.
Me & Mille.

Circuit Show 05.07.2008:
Loke (Kingwanas Exausting Federal Xpress) came to the circuit show, and did so wit style by winning junior male class with "Excellent".
Loke gaiting.
Headstudy of Loke.

June came 3rd in junior females also with "Excellent". 2nd in junior females was also resident in Norway, Mzalia Making Headlines. Go Norway!
Mille won junior females yet again with excellent.
The judge, Damara Bolte, telling us we've won the class
Mille & me
Brother Loke and sister Mille competing for BOB/ BOS junior. Mille won over
her brother, going BOB junior.
Mille went into the "Big ring" togehter wit all the other Spitzes at the show, to compete for BEST IN SHOW junior. Mille impressed te judge, and went BIS-2, recieving a ribbon much bigger than herself...
In the evenings, we chilled out in our camping wagon, and the boys found some time to play in between some nice walks.

World Winner Show, Stockholm 06.07.2008:
Loke (who again was beautifully handled by is owner, Anette) WON the junior male class at the WORLD WINNER sow, giving him the title JUNIOR WORLD WINNER-08 (JWW-08) Congratulations Anette!
Dennis (Kingwanas Dinari) did a great job, and also got "Excellent" from open class males.
The huge open class males. Echo in front, Dennis as nb. 8.
Mille also got and "excellent" from junior class. As did her sister June.
June & Loke in "Best Brace" competiton. Let me tell you- Handling two juniors, when one of them is in season is NOT easy, but it was great fun.
At least when the trouble was awarded with BOB brace.
Tired of standing up :)

Some of the other Norwegian Basenjis shown during the
Mzalia Making Headlines "Tasha" was shown at the circuit show and WW show, both time with nice placings and "Excellent"
Matabichi Chocolatte Almasi joined us for the whole trip, and also had "Excellent" in all the classes she entered.
Vicitas Hot And Spicy was only shown at the WW show, and got and Excellent.
Matabici Dee-Dee Dazzling Diamond also did a nice job getting "Excellents"
As did Azanias Sharita Simply the Best, who was even 4th from a big open class females at the WW show.
Mai Lis Andersen also showed some of her dogs, here we see Kneikas Obi Wan Kenobi, with good results. Congrats to all Norwegians for a job well done :)