Norsk Basenji Klubbs Spesialutstilling 2008

Yet again, we had a lovely show with exceptional
weather. For the first time, the show was held at "Finnskogen", which was a lovely showground.
I have tried to take pictures of all the Basenjis present, but I lack some.
I would like to thank my "photo assistents": Lars & Ellen Kvernmo for many great photos. I have chosen to sign all the photos with my name due to
copright regulations. Please feel free to use any photo as long as you keep my signature if it will be used in public internet sites/ magazines. If you
wish to have a photo for private use of better quality, do not hesitate to contact me for the original picture.

I would like to give my congrats to all winners, and give a special thanks to the board of the club for a job well done having arranged this wonderful
show. A special thanks also goes out to our judge Jon Curby of Kibushi Basenjis, U.S.A, Mia Löwbeer from Yulara Basenjis Sweden, and Kurt Espeland, our very
talented and entertaining ring secretary. A thanks also goes out to Annika Kåss and Jeanette Strand for Handling assistance.
Thank you also to every show contestant and spectator for contributing to making the weekend so wonderful!
Our judge, Mr. Jon Curby

You will be able to find complete reults from the show on our clubs homepage:
(link under)

Results adults

Results puppies
and speciality classes
Our leader (and my dear) Dag Christer & our
ringsecretary Kurt
opens the show.
The first dog to enter the ring is our very own
"Dennis" (Kingwanas Dinari) who politely bows at the judge.
Dennis gaiting - he was second with CK in this class
He was later 4th Best Male.
From intermediate male: Kingwanas Dinari, Kneikas
Obi-Wan Kenobi and Matabichi Dazzling Simba Moyo.
Kneikas Obi-Wan Kenobi - He was third with CK in this class
Matabichi Dazzling Simba Moyo- He won this class with
CK, but was beaten by Dennis in Best Male class.
Next class was open male: Here we see Zahleka King Of
Kongo "Kotten" (Who was 2nd with CK) and Rex Shiraa Of Basenjis 4 real who
won this class and was later BIS!
"Kotten" gaiting
Next up was Champion males, with 7 handsome champions entered. This is Ch
Vicitas Hot and Spicy "Pepper" who won the class- and was later 2nd
Best Male.
This is Ch Beatles Out Of Africa, who was 3rd in this class.
Our Ch Bulldobas Echo Of Kenya "Echo" was
4th in champion class.
Ch Azanias Bri Lubutu
Ch Vicitas Hot Shot
All the dogs with CK competing in Best Male Class
The 4 best males have been chosen, they run as they
are placed: Rex Shiraa Of Basenjis 4 real, Ch Vicitas Hot And Spicy, Ch
Bashiri-Afya and Kingwanas Dinari.
Next class was junior females. This is Mzalia Making Headlines "Tasha"
"Tasha" gaiting
"Tashas" sister Mzalia Making Mischief "Zally"
Kingwanas Evidence Of Persistence gaiting
Kingwanas Evidence Of Persistence "Esther"
"Esther" and sister Kingwanas Endless Adventure "June"
"Esther", "June" and "Zally"
Kingwanas Entertaining Story "Mille" gaiting
The 5 best juniors are placed. From left: Kingwanas Entertaining Story,
Mzalia Making Headlines, Kingwanas Endless Adventure, Kingwanas Evidence Of
Persistence and Mzalia Making Mischief.
"Mille", "Tasha" and "June"
Top two juniors,
Kingwanas Entertaining Story and Mzalia Making Headlines
The next Basenjis to show off their paws was the
intermediate bitches. Her you see 3 of them (f.l) Matabici Dee- Dee Dazzling
Diamond, Azanias Rose Garden and Yulara Kassia.
Kingwanas Duna O'Kande
Kingwanas Duna O'Kande
Matabichi Dee-Dee Dazzling Diamond
Matabichi Dee-Dee Dazzling Diamond getting examined on the table.
Yulara Kassia gaiting
Yulara Kassia
Gbr Jr Ch Faraoland Beatrix Potter "Bea"
"Bea" Gaiting
Azanias Rose Garden
Azanias Rose Garden gaiting
Miwok Harshini gaiting
Interested ringwatcher :)
Next class was open females. From left you see:
Azanias Kofi-Con Mocca, Kneikas Nikita, Kneikas Nuzuki, Triad's Summer Dream,
Am Ch S u Ch SV 08 Klassics Justa Natural, Shaka Savoy Eyla.
Am Ch S u Ch SV 08 Klassics Justa Natural. She winns
her class, and was later BB-2.
Shaka Savoy Eyla was second in her class also with CK.
Eyla finds the waiting a bit tiresome...
Next up are the campion girls. From left you see: N Ch Azanias Sharita
Simply The Best, N Dk Ch Vicitas Fancy Face, N Ch Chagmas First Love, N DK
Ch Nord JV-06 Matabichi Chocolatte Almasi.
From left you see: N Dk Ch Vicitas Fancy Face, N Ch Chagmas First
Love, N DK Ch Nord JV-06 Matabichi Chocolatte Almasi and N Ch Matabichi
Anulika Nofret.
N Ch Matabichi Anulika Nofret.
N Dk Ch Vicitas Fancy Face
N Ch Chagmas First Love
N Ch Azanias Sharita Simply The Best
N Ch Azanias Sharita Simply The Best gaiting. She was 2nd in champion class.
N DK Ch Nord JV-06 Matabichi Chocolatte Almasi "Choko" won second in ch.
class, and was later 3rd best bitch.
"Choko" requires some cuddeling while waiting.....
"Choko" gaiting
Kingwanas Entertaining Story wins Best Bitch Class and the CC only 9 months
and 3 days old.
NORD N ch SV-01 Bashiri-Afya was BOB veteran and 3rd best male.
BIS was Rex Shiraa Of Basenjis 4 Real. He was also a new Norw. Champion! BOS
was Kingwanas Entertaining Story
Azanias breeders group was 4th with HP
Matabichi breeders group was 3rd with HP
Kingwanas Breeders group was 2nd with HP.
The winner of the breeders groups was Kennel Vicita. Unfortunaltly I have no
picture of this group. Can anyone share one?
Kingwanas Exploring Patfinder takes a swim after the show.
Kingwanas Exploring Patfinder
As does many of the human participants...
And some, like Kingwanas Duna O'Kande just enjoys to wade in tghe water.
After the show we had our annual meeting
Followed by a lovely 3 course dinner
Happy winners of "The red prize". You achieve tis te first year your Basenji
gets 2 x 1 in quality at shows..
Happy owners of new champions in 2007
Winner of the veteran award
A special thanks was given to our judge of the year, Jon Curby.
Mia Lövbeer gets her thanks for all the valuable help
Basenji Of The Year Award 2007:
Erling Clausen won it for Basenji Of The Year, Ch Matabichi Cocolatte Almasi,
and I (Liv Irene Nyfløt) won it for "Best Male Of The Year" with Ch
Bulldobas Eco Of Kenya.
Next days started with the puppy classes. This young
man, Vicitas Mandela Is My Granddad trained for a future career, but was too
young to be shown.
Linn Therese wit her puppy Kelilis Aplogize were
watcing the show.
First class on Sunday was puppy male 4-6 months: Here you have Yulara Labou
Yulara Labou
Matabichi Excellent Mr. Kota Man
Matabichi Excellent Mr. Kota Man
Azanias Don Juan
Azanias Don Juan
The only contestant in 6-9 months male, Zahleka Develish Delight
Next class was females 4-6 months. This is Azanias Mona Lisa
Miss Amazings High Five (A daughter of Kingwanas Dinari)
Miss Amazings High Five was 2nd in her class
Kelilis Apologize won her class
Kelilis Apologize
Kelilis Apologize
Matabichi Exlusive Moja Nyoto
Matabichi Exlusive Moja Nyoto
Bulldobas Be My Valentine was 2nd in class 6-9 months
Bulldobas Be My Valentine
Bulldobas Be My Valentine
Winner of class females 6-9 months and BOS puppy,
Zahleka Lill Red Pumpkin
BIS puppy Chagmas Pirate King Black Pearl
Bulldobas Be My Valentine and Annika watching ringside
Kikco & Moja watching ringside
Dog shows can be just too thrilling... Or was it tiresome?
Mille & Luna relaxing
Watching ringside
Best head: Kingwanas Entertaining Story
Best wrinkles: Kingwanas Dinari
Best paws: Miss Amazings High Five
Best red/white: Matabichi Evita 4 North Exotic
Best tricolor: Miwok Harshini
Best Black/white: Kingwanas Entertaining Story
Best Brindle: N ch Beatles Out Of Africa
Best ears: Faraoland Beatrix Potter
Best Gait: Ch Basiri-Afya