The Norwegian Basenji Speciality 2007

We had yet another speciality show in exceptional summer weather. It was such a nice atmosphere, and describing it in word is rather difficult, so I will try to show it to you all by making a little picture reference to the whole ordeal. I do not have pictures of all the dogs present, but at least some of them.
I would also like to thank my "hired photographers", Erling Clausen, Louise Sandvold and Annika Kåss.

I would also like to thank everyone who made this weekend as wonderful as it were, and congratulate all winners.

We started of on Saturday evening with a breeders meeting and the clubs annual meeting.
The meeting was followed by a prize seremony. This LOVELY pic (those who know these ladies, will know why I capitalized lovely...) shows Wenche Enger who won Basenji of the year, and gerd Søiland who went BOS of the year. Congratulations!
This pic show all of those present who won the #red award" (two "Excellents" in 2006). From left: Mona Lura, Gerd Søiland, Annika Kaas, Aina Fongen, Jeanette Strand,, Erling Clausen, Wenche Enger, Mai Lis Andersen, myself, Kjersti Sollien Iversen and Gro Udby. Congrats!
Winners of the "Champion Award":
Vivian Sandvold, Gerd Søiland, Aina Fongen, Wenche Enger, Mai Lis Andersen and myself. Well done!
We started the speciality Sunday morning, and first to go were the pups. There were LOADS of promising pups present, like Faraoland Beatrix Potter pictured above. She won the bitch class 6-9 months.
The BEST IN SHOW pup award went to Matabichi Dazzling N'Doto Asabi. A lovely male with exceptional movements. BOS was the elegant Enigma Touch Of Magic, also with an outstanding gait.
Look out for these youngsters in the future!
First to go was the Junior males. This is Kingwanas Dodo Darzee, who was aearded 1/2 with HP.
Kingwanas Dodo Darzee.
Kingwanas Dinari got 1/1 with CK.
Kingwanas Dinari.
Kingwanas Dinari- headstudy.
Intermediates were next to Go. Bulldobas Echo Of Kenya was awarded 1/4 with HP.
Bulldobas Echo Of Kenya
The elegnat Azanias Wild Mountain Calling got 1/5 with HP.
Faraoland Bluetooth Enigma shows his wonderful gait. It helped him on the way to win his class, and eventually also the BIS.
In open class, Rex Shiraa Of Basenjis 4 real, also showing the typical side gait, got 1/4 with CK.
Kneikas Isoke on the table.
Stjernhimmels Grosso Modo got 1/1 with CK in open class, and was finally 2nd best male.
Then the ladies entered the ring. Kingwanas Duna O'Kande was 1/1 in junior class with HP.
Kneikas Nikita got "excellent" (1) in intermediate.
Matabichi Chocolatte Almasi showin her wonderful gait. She got 1/2 with CK form Intermediate class, and was placed as 3rd best bitch.
Matabichi Chacha Bintu got 1/2 in open class, and 3rd best male.
Vicitas Diamond from Africa did a comeback to the ring by winning Champion class, and placing as 4th BD.
Vicitas Hot And Spicy was 2nd in Champion class.
Best male class.
Matabichi Chacha Bintu and Vicitas Diamond From Africa in best male class.
The BIS went to Faraoland Bluetooth Enigma, while BOS was Stjernhimmels Femina Floreat. It was so wonderful to witness the way these dogs litterary "floated" through the ring, in an effortless way. Two worthy winners. Congratulations Sofie/Madelen and Anneli!
BOS- Stjernhimmels femina Floerat.
New Norwegian Champion.
Next were the breeder grouås Vicita got honour prize and BIS2 with their group.
Matabichi got honour prize and BIS! Congrats.
The "child and dog" cometition was judged by our talented junior handler Loise Sandvold, and won by Odd Udby.
Finally, we had the inofficial classes. best tricolor was
Shaka Savoy Eyla.
Best Brindle/white was Matabichi Chacha Bintu.
Best red/ white was Zande Fedha (Bambi).
That is the 3rd time she achieves this title!
Best Black/White was Kingwanas Duna O'Kande.
A special thanks to Annika Kåss for the handling assistace.
Kneikas Obi Wan Kenobi had the best wrinkles.
The BIS pup, Matabichi Dazzling N'Doto Asabi also had the best tail.
Kneikas Olivia had the best ears.
Kneikas Obi Wan Kenobi had the best head.

NKK INT. Drammen 02.06.2007
On the saturday, the Norwegian Kennel Club arranged an international show in the same area as our speciality. The judge here was Myrna Shiboleth (Israel) and there were 25 Basenjis entered.
Under you will find some photos from this show.
Complete results will come shortly.
Kingwanas Dinari is waiting to be judged. He got 1,1 CK and 3rd best male. Thanks to Jeanet for handling assitance.
Faraoland Viking Raidho beat all the males, and ended up as BOs with CC and Cacib
Faraoland Bluetooth Enigma was placed after his brother and ended up as the 2nd best male with res Cacib.
Rathje Wa Na Nafasi
Vicitas Hot And Spicy was 4th best male
Stjernhimmels Grosso Modo
Intermediate class, males
Chagmas First Love
Matabichi Chocolatte Almasi and Faraoland Viking Raidhi competing for BOB
"Choko" got the BOB
Matabichi Chocolatte Almasi