Swedish speciality show 2007

SBS 2007

Dennis (Kingwanas Dinari) was first out, and was awarded with 1/1 with CK in junior class. In the very big best male class, he was picked out amongst the 7 best, but missed the final cut. He was also invited to the best gait competition (you needed a special invitation from the judge to be able to compete in best head/ best gait. In the other speciality classes, there were a knock out competition, and Dennis made it all the way to the final in both best eyes and bes wrinkles. He was also awarded as the BEST IN SHOW junior. Way to go, Dennis!

This was Goliats' (Kingwanas Damili) second show as an adult, and he did it with style. In junior class he was only beaten by his brother, Dennis. He was 1/ 2 with HP. He was also invited to the best head competition- which he won! He also won both best ears and best black/ white coat. Sweet little Goliat. I really hope to see more of this handsome youngster in the showing in the future.

Goliat shows his profile.

Idefix (Kingwanas Djidade) was shown for the first time with a 2nd prize, but with a good critique. It was so nice to meet this sweet little man again.


The competition was tough in intermediate class. Echo was handled by Tiina, and was placed 3rd in a very tough group with CK! He also got a great critique. Thank you Tiina (and Janne, who helped in best male class) for handling assistance!

Echo was 1/3 with CK in a very tough intermediate class.

Duna (Kingwanas Duna O' Kande) showing off her side gait.

Duna gaiting.

Sweet Duna.

Duna won the junior class with 1/1 CK, and just like her brother Dennis, she was picked out amongst the 7 best bitches (almost 40 bitches as a total!) but missed the final cut. She was given BOTH best head AND best gait cards. She was finally BOS junior.

Dennis and Duna - BIS and BOS junior. Thank you Tiina for handling assistance!

Matabichi Chocolatte Almasi "Choko" did a great job honouring the Norwegian colours with a placing as the 4th best bitch. Congratulations Jeanett & Gerd.

The two best bitches- Bulldobas La Skala(Diva) & Afrikenji Hot SumaBreeze (Tuuli). Two lovely bitches with wonderful movements. Congratulatios, Tiina, Hansu, Janne, Katja, Helen & David! Tuuli, who is the litter sister to "Sunny", whom Centa was recently inseminated to, was also a new Swedish champion! Well done!

Diva also won the best gait competition with her wonderful movements who not only impressed the judge, but also most of te crowd around the ring, I would dear to say. She has that beautiful "pause" in her gait, with the full strech.

BIS was Ch American Devil in Disguise, and BOS was Bulldobas La Skala. Cogratulations, Tiina and Helene!

For the first time, we entered in breeding class with Kingwana bred dogs. We got a wonderful critique, with specail praise for lovely, typey heads, tails and movements. We were awarded with 1/2 with the honour prize. On the pic you see Dennis, Goliat, Idefix and Duna. Thank you so much to my puppy buyers and Tiina for helping out!

The puppy class was quite big, and held in horrible, rainy weather. There were quite a lot of wet basenjis and owners, and a few fell over as long as they were in the mud. Even so, it was great seeing so many promising young b's.

BIS pup was the beautiful Kindubeams Candle in the Wind "Candy" (After the BIS winner and Kingwanas Bahiyah) BOS was Candys litter brother also placed as 2nd best male!
CONGRATULATIONS; Liz, Madelein & Sophie.

Candy, Liz and the judge, Cheryl Myers Egerton. (Canada).