About Us

I, Liv have been fascinated by this charming breed my entire life, and finally got my own dog- a basenji- after years of nagging at the age of 14. I bred her first litter at the age of 16. Since that day there has been many more little Basenjis in her life, and there will probably always be one or more of these little charmers by my side. Once you fall in love with a basenji, it is hard not to have one (or three..)

Me & Shira in 1997

Liv, Jippi & Jubel - world winner show Milano 2017

I had two litters before she got her kennel name registered in 2004. I chose the name "Kingwana", which is the Swahili name for "Congo", the breeds origin country.

I have been a member of the board in the Norwegian Basenji Club and have been a part of the breeding department in the club from 2002- present date.

Dag Christer has really grown up with dogs, as his parents are Aud Jorun and Helge Lie, from Leeland Shetland Sheepdogs. Aud Jorun has been the editor of the Norwegian Kennel Klubs monthly magazine for decades, and Helge Lie was the former chairman of the board in the Norwegian Kennel Klub, as well as a respected show judge for several breeds, included Basenjis.

Dag Christer has been a member of the board of the Norwegian Shetland Sheepdog club for several periods. He works for the Norwegian Kennel club.
He was the leader for the Norwegian Basenji Club from 2001- 2017.
He entered the kennel name in 2007.

We moved in together the summer of 2006, to a house located in Grua, about 45 min.north of Oslo. We live together with our Basenjis and our two children. Our dogs are all beloved members of our family, and live comfortable lives as couch potatoes, walk-companions and bed-warmers. We don't want to have more dogs then we feel we can take with us, and we want time to give every dog individual training and attention/ cuddling.
We also own several dogs that we co-own. Have a look at our dogs.


Our boys (2017)

One of our trips to Egypt

Kingwanas breeders group BEST IN SHOW at the speciality 2012.


Liv, Jippi & Jubel - world winner show Milano 2017